Bat Egg

v1.0-3 changelog

Good eggmorrow!

Today's patch brings some small improvements to the tutorial that separate the glide section out into one that focuses on introducing gliding and another that specifically introduces the "short flap" move.

There are a few fixes for minor items, including hatchlings from previous play sessions showing up in the end game summary screen after completing story mode.


Full changelog:

  • Updated to Godot 3.3.4
  • Added debug level tweak mode
  • Updated tutorial to have two separate glide-related sections
  • Updated tutorial obstacles to have more variation in rotation
  • Updated level output to include hidden state
  • Updated level output to round rotations to nearest degree
  • Updated main menu to not stop mouse input
  • Fixed hatchlings collected in story epilogue level being shown as befriended in game summary screen
  • Fixed generateDefinedLevel() not setting obstacle type
  • Fixed grass ground being visible in story end cutscene when skipping with escape

v1.0-2 changelog

Good day egg friends and friend eggs!

Today's patch brings several small fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

The tutorial now contains a summary of important information for players who'd benefit from having key information reinforced. It also now suggests avoiding obstacles and touching the ceiling in the first tutorial prompt.

Story mode's epilogue level now has a "clap track" courtesy of Peter. It's very nice to have in the game now, and I hope it enhances the ending's resonance.

I've also fixed a bug that was preventing the "All devices" setting from updating axis bindings. This was preventing gamepad joystick input from behaving as expected when multiple joystick-ish devices were present.


Full changelog:

  • Added clap track for story mode epilogue level
  • Added tutorial summary page
  • Added Dialogue::updateResolution() to ensure correct sizing at different window sizes
  • Updated flap tutorial text to arn about obstacles and ceiling
  • Updated Binder to display device index for buttons and axes when adding new bindings
  • Updated Dialogue::getWidth() to take into account panel margin for correct centring
  • Updated game summary screen to show lives gained if player was not dead when game ended
  • Updated story mode good ending to use non-death summary screen
  • Fixed cases where endless/survival 'finish' signs could be embedded in the ground
  • Fixed 'all devices' gamepad input setting not applying to axis bindings